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Take control of your life 

before someone else does! 

How To Avoid Your Future Crazy Ex - Fron

Nick Simon is a regular guy who tells it like it is. 

No psycho babble: just real talk,

about real people, in real situations.

Crazy $#!* doesn’t just happen in the movies! Sometimes people have the capacity to swan dive

off the cliffs of insanity and blow a hole in your life

the size of a nuclear blast crater.

How to Avoid Your Future Crazy Ex is a darkly humorous guide that uses true stories to identify key warning signs at different stages of relationships.

Read this before it is too late. Prevention is better than the cure. Real 'crazy' does not go away! Real 'crazy' will forever and indelibly alter your life. There is only one foolproof way to deal with 'crazy'. Avoid it!

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About the Author

Nick Simon escaped from a disastrous relationship. He thought the nightmare was finally over, but little did he know it had only just begun. His ex decided to take things beyond the realms of absurdity and to redefine the bounds of insanity. Nick could scarcely believe the depths to which his ex was willing to sink, he felt like life had become some kind of virtual reality simulation, a sick and twisted joke designed by a malevolent overlord.

In the midst of the mayhem, Nick made a joke to some friends about his 'crazy ex situation'. That was the first time he heard the words "I've got a story for you!" and it wouldn't be the last. The 'crazy ex' phenomenon was far more common than he could have possibly imagined. Nick recognized that he was most definitely not alone!

The 'How to Avoid Your Future Crazy Ex' project needed to be done. It was conceived in the hopes that people might be spared the hell Nick and the other subjects of the book had to endure at the hands of their crazy ex.

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